About us

It's often said when your work is your passion then it's not work at all. We work hard to craft the best breads possible and hope you'll love them as much as we do.

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Our ingredients

We use only the best, and freshest ingredients sourced from suppliers we trust, who are where possible, local to our bakery. If authentic products like baguettes need french flour to be used, to give the best possible taste, then we make the effort to source them responsibly whilst maintaining quality. 

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Locally Sourced

Whilst quality is inherently baked in, so too is community. That’s why all of our key ingredients are always sourced from local farmers, growers and suppliers. Knowing where each grain comes from makes the difference, from mill to malt loaf. Our finished products only travel a maximum of 35 miles to make sure they’re fresh store to door.


Best Ingredients

We only purchase the best ingredients from reputable suppliers and don’t use any GM ingredients in our products. We also reduce the amount of salt in our products whilst maintaining their unique flavour. Our fats, where possible, are non-hydrogenated. In all of our shops we aim to stock products for the health conscious, such as fruit, low GI bread and fruit juices.

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Our Process

Beginning before dawn, we sift, mix, knead, prove and craft our unique range of quality breads, cakes and pastries so that you too can share our passion for the tastiest, freshest products that we can make.

Baking the best since 1952

In 1952, Harold Reeve’s passion for craft baking laid the foundations for our continuing pursuit of excellence, a tradition that we still honour everyday at our Wilton Bakery.

Our Story

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